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Whether it's complimentary, critical, or just plain stupid, DB gets plenty of email... and a lot of it is just too good not to share. Below are some of the best...


*Sigh* you suck! Why must you insist on watching the games live when past records show that they lose when you do? My boyfriend and I (who are both avid readers) think you do it so that you'll have something bad to say to put on your page ... Although I'm sure it'd be easy to find something negative regardless of the outcome of the game ... At any rate, I adore your site but for fuck's sake, stop watching/going to the games!
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile
- S.M., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Was this email really so important that you couldn't wait to get back to your computer and had to send it from your Blackberry?

Your website is a hoot, but what the fuck are you thinking by jinxing them with a flesh & blood appearance at Chavez Ravine?!?  You must be a mathematical oddsmaking dunce to want to tempt the fate of the numbers. Fucking inconsiderate fear and self-loathing in Los Angeles motherfucker.  You're the Jason Grabowski of fan website editors!
- S.C., Santa Monica, CA

DB RESPONSE: I may be a “mathematical oddsmaking dunce” but the odds are 2:1 that you have sexual fantasies about Jason Grabowski.

Did you lose my phone number?
- B.S., Carlsbad, CA

DB RESPONSE: Yes, Mom, and I'm about to lose your email address, too.

Do me a favor - shoot Ned Colletti, then me.  The order is important, I at least deserve the satisfaction of seeing Ned lose his job before I die.
- B.J., Bakersfield, CA

DB RESPONSE: I’d ask Juan Pierre to shoot Ned for me, but I’m afraid the bullet would get there on four bounces.

If my dog was as gay as you, I'd probly kill it.
- F.L., Whittier, CA

DB RESPONSE: You should kill it anyway. I'm sure it's tired of going to Proposition 8 rallies with you.

What's the deal with the sparce updates so far? So much to bag on and only a few updates so far this season. I just flushed $100 down the toilet betting the dodgers to win it all and needed something to cheer me up!!!
- J.F., Seattle, WA

DB RESPONSE: You wouldn't need to be cheered up if you had just kept your $100.

I have been having nightmares about Terry Mulholland... what should I do?
- A.A., Carson, CA

DB RESPONSE: You should be happy you're not having nightmares about Kim Ng.

By your own admission, the Dodgers are a better team when you don't watch them.  As such, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL WATCHING?  When they're playing, go to a movie, to the store or even to the gym.  As any good self-loathing Dodger fan, you should do what's best for the team.; and, in this case, it's stop watching.  FUCK.
- V.S., Cerritos, CA

DB RESPONSE: Give me $13.50 every time the Dodgers are on TV and I’ll gladly go to a movie.

I just found your site for the first time today. Why so much bad language? Someone's got to edit this stuff.
- M.I., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

DB RESPONSE: Wow, if you think the site has bad language now, you should have read it a few years ago when Kevin Malone was the fucking GM.

- J.J., Halfway, OR

DB RESPONSE: You're not an asshole for thinking the Dodgers have a chance. You're an asshole for typing in all caps.

You are a douchebag. This website is a testament to the fact that Dodger fans are whiney bitches. You had Alan Trammell on your asshole list? Of all the things you could write about? Come to Detroit and say that, you piece of shit. You'll end up next to Jimmy Hoffa.
- G.F., Detroit, MI

DB RESPONSE: The only good thing to come out of Detroit is Axel Foley.

Why do you bag on the Dodgers so damn much? Just because they went from first to fourth place in the all powerful NL west in a matter of 2 days. Why don't we focus on positive things like the fact that you are the illegitimate love child of Tommy Lasorda and one of Pedro Guerreros crack whores? Does Bill Russell'ss picture make you want to whack it all night long like Lionel Ritchie? Did Ron Cey come over late at night and bang your mother and then come into your room and punch you in the face? Steve Sax is your hero because he has a small dick. Your mother is a notch in Steve Garveys head board. Bob Welch nailed your sister and you got it on video. Terry Whitfield lived at your house in the off season because your mom was L.A.'s crack whore. While your mother had a 1 on 28 with the entire 1983 roster, Vin Scully did the play by play. When he talked about the seventh inning stretch, he meant your mom's vagina. Fuck you!
- R.P., Pleasanton, CA

DB RESPONSE: Actually, it was a 1 on 26 that my mom had. Jack Fimple and German Rivera weren't interested.

I was recently given a Nomo Dodger bobblehead statue which I would love to donate to whatever cause Dodger Blues deems appropriate. I just don't want to pay the shipping as that is probably more than the doll is worth. Let me know if you are interested. Keep up the great work.
- K.B., Issaquah, WA

DB RESPONSE: Great, I love paying to ship worthless items. Please send me the Nomo bobblehead—and throw in an autographed Mike Trombley jersey, too. I'll be waiting by my mailbox.

Randy Wolf is a fucking punk. I went to high school with him and he's a bitch. That pussy thinks he is so tough but he ain't nothing. I ever see him in the streets I will break his other arm.
- B.D., Encino, CA

DB RESPONSE: Don't get too worked up... I don't know if Wolf ventures into the mean streets of Encino.

The last meaningful Dodger moment occured on Thursday evening, October 20, 1988. Right after Hershiser struck out Tony Phillips to end game 5 of the World Series, Orel was lifted up by Rick Dempsey threw his fist in the air. Thus, the last meaningful Dodger moment took place. The fact that you're off by five days is not surprising seeing as how you have FUCKING SHIT FOR BRAINS.
- R.D., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: You want to see a picture of Rick Dempsey on the web site instead of Kirk Gibson?

Enough with the bagging, your pissing me off and you don't have any fucking clue how much better this team has improved the last two years because your so retarded.
- J.G., Sierra Madre, CA

DB RESPONSE: First of all, this is the worst Dodger team in the last decade. Secondly, your mom isn't an English teacher, is she?

Why did you bother putting in the work to change your logo and look of the website just make it look like a different piece of shit than it was before? I'd puke on it, except I don't want to ruin my laptop.
- R.H., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Laptop? Don't lie to me. You have a Macintosh Classic, don't you?

I had a week off from school. I didn't have anything to do (I mean, you can only surf for so much porn), so I wound up visiting your site. I read it from time to time, but this week, I decided to read your entire News archive. Man, when you say "Re-live the misery," you're not kidding. After spending three hours reading about the total ineptitude of the Dodgers, from November 2001 to April 2006, I have lost all faith in humanity. Remember that scene in The Ten Commandments when Heston sees the burning bush and his hair turns white? Same thing happened to yours truly. If I was a chick, I no doubt would've been blubbering like a baby once I read about Shawn Green grounding softly to first for the 587th time in the span of a week. But, I was able to cowboy up and read the whole damn thing. Good site. I'll never be the same again. It's like I have PTSD or something.
- M.W., New York, NY

DB RESPONSE: You can only surf for so much porn?

This has to be the worst website ever.
- L.S., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: You've clearly never gone to

I'd like to ask you a question..... Who the hell do you root for? And 1. Ned Colletti is not new to the whole "General Manager Thing" He was the right-hand man for the Giants GM from 1993-2005, if it wasn't for him, the Giants would of been crap for years. 2. The Dodgers had the best record in the NL after the All-Star break, Betemit, Lugo, and Anderson did a damn fine job, they all helped out in a crap load of wins. And 3. I speak for myself and along with the rest of the True Dodger fan who knows what the hell is goinng on, This year was a damn fine success, with rookies, vet's, knowing a player from Japan can come in and be your closer, lead the league in scoring offense, 3 starters with 14+ wins, Drew knocking in 100 Runs, getting a GM that everybody loves and can make moves to get you in the postseason, and drawing 3 Million fans every year, MLB teams would kill to have and organization like the Dodgers have, the atmosphere at Dodger Stadium is priceless. This team is going to be winning for years. I think your website, along with yourself is full of shit. (No Offense) Sounds to me like your a Giants fan... Thanks for Colletti, our gain is your loss. Think Blue Dumbass?
- J.R., Moorpark, CA

DB RESPONSE: Julio Lugo hit .219 for the Dodgers last season. Wilson Betemit hit .241. The Dodgers couldn't win a weak division and were swept in three games by the Mets in the Division Series. That's a "damn fine success"? Doucheface.

Can you provide me with a list of Dodger players who had the #3?
- M.A., Sacramento, CA


Your site lets me know I'm not the only one who hates to love the Dodgers. I keep coming here a few games after every allstar break. I know you like to tell everyone to "fuck off" when they ask gay questions, but why do you care about the Dodgers so much? Fans, with nothing else to talk about, want to know.
- M.T., Apple Valley, CA

DB RESPONSE: Glad you like the site. To answer your question, I care about the Dodgers so much because I was raised by Ron Cey. Then when Cey moved on to play with the Cubs, I got sent to Franklin Stubbs' house, where I spent my teenage years. After Stubbs' career ended and he became an auto mechanic, I lived underneath a palm tree near the Elysian Park entrance to the stadium. Occasionally I'd get lucky and find discarded Dodger Dogs to nibble on. Now fuck off and stop asking me gay questions.

There is too much bull shit when you guys are broadcasting the game. All we hear is a lot of bull shit about everything except the game. We can tell because we hear the hit and the crowd yell and then about 3 minutes later the broadcaster says the hitter got a hit. Way too late. Too much talking about everything except the game. We just watch the game on TV. Please pass this on to the radio broadcasters. Thanks.
- J.Y., Palm Springs, CA

DB RESPONSE: Sure, next time I happen to be having lunch with Charley Steiner and Rick Monday, I'll mention it.

As the author of a book to empower young people, dealing with educational - environmental - and social issues, I was hoping that one of the Dodgers could deliver a message in Part 4. That is the section of the book where "voices" from the community are "United for a Healthier World." After reviewing the quotes on your site, the person I respect the most is J.D. Drew - since he payed tribute to God and has good work ethics. Something that echoes messages contained in the book.... Would it be possible for me to share information "About the Author" and excerpts from my book in order to help you make an informed decision about having a message from him in "Behind the School Wall?" If he is not available, is there anyone who is environmentally aware - health conscious - and a good role model for teenagers? The Captain of the Balboa Ferry, Bob, said I should discuss this with Camile Johnston, but I am not sure how to get in touch with her. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. The book will be published in early September.
- B.K., Irvine, CA

DB RESPONSE: Is "Captain of the Balboa Ferry, Bob" the codename for your doctor at the mental institution? Jesus christ, lady.

i think this website is stupid and that whoever created it is a b****. I mean you're a dodger fan and you're making fun of them. That's so stupid and i guess u are, too.
- M.Y., San Bernardino, CA

DB RESPONSE: It's one thing not to like the site, but if you're calling me a birdy, that's just mean.

I just had a concern about getting a phone call about 10 mins ago 8/7/06 from a girl named Priscilla claiming to be from According to her I supposedly won 5 free tickets to any DOdger game I choose just for logging on to here so many times. I'm really concerned whether or not this was a prank. Please write back to me and let me know if you do have a Priscilla working for you. Thank you.
- D.N., Fontana, CA

DB RESPONSE: Honestly, does it look like there's a girl involved with this site?

Would you rather bang Tommy Lasorda or Fred Claire? Why??
- Y.D., Livermore, CA

DB RESPONSE: Interesting question. While Fred Claire sounds like a woman, with enough booze I think I could have fun playing around with Tommy's man boobs.

I recently took a shit and it looked and smelled like this website.
- B.C., El Dorado, AK

DB RESPONSE: And I bet you liked the smell, didn't you?

- L.J., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested in starting the wave.

I was sad to see Hee Seop Choi leave the Dodgers. He was one of our best players and he will be missed. He should have been given a chance.
- S.R., Albuquerque, NM

DB RESPONSE: We shed tears, too... but they were tears of joy.

Which is the most gay website of all time?
Answer: 100%

- R.N., Pleasanton, CA

DB RESPONSE: Do you enjoy looking at gay websites? Should we put up naked photos of Odalis Perez?

You blow. wanna fight me?
- J.B., Hunters Point, CA

DB RESPONSE: Yes. Yes, I do. Flag pole. 3pm. After school.

More updates please, you are way behind your normal pace....what gives?
- J.R., Bakersfield, CA

DB RESPONSE: Sorry, I’ve been busy banging your girlfriend.

You guys are a bunch of haters... heh.. I mean this shit could be said for every other team in baseball. The Dodgers are not the only team in baseball with issues. However, the Dodgers are on the right track and have the best farm system around... I like the direction they have taken and give Frank a fucking brake... he admitted he fucked up. As the owner, it's not like he wants to fucking lose every year. Help yourself and get a day job, dunce.
- G.F., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: I have a day job. A good one, too. I audition strippers by letting them give me lap dances. What is it that you do?

Hello. I'm doing some research on a Dodgers jersey I bought at a
garage sale recently, and was hoping maybe you can help me or know of someone that can help me. The name on the back of the jersey is Palmer and the number is 20. Everthing is sewn onto the jersey. I have not found any Palmers so far in my research that have played for the LA Dodgers, so my guess is that it is a minor league jersey. Do you know by chance who this Palmer is?? Or know of someone that might know who it is?? Any help would be great.
- K.T., San Diego, CA

DB RESPONSE: Your jersey belonged to Larry Palmer, a utility infielder in the mid-1980s in the La Mirada slow-pitch softball league.

Trying to contact Dennis Springer to obtain an autograph baseball. Any suggestions? Thanks.
- D.H., City withheld

DB RESPONSE: Here's a suggestion: kill yourself.

How do you pronounce the name "Ng" as in "Kim Ng"? Is it "Noh" or "Ang"?
- K.B., South Bend, IN

DB RESPONSE: It's pronounced "Ask someone who cares."

- D.B., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: And you wonder why I talk shit about the pavilions.

that rickey ledee photo fun is beyond disgusting. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for bathroom humor. but that was just disgusting. even for this site.
- M.J., Tempe, AZ

DB RESPONSE: It's porn, not bathroom humor.

Thought you'd like to know that I ran into Glenn Hoffman at a restaurant last season. I think it was Glenn Hoffman.
- J.H., San Diego, CA

DB RESPONSE: If he was bussing tables, it was definitely Glenn Hoffman.

You should put a clock up for the worst dodger moment and change is every 5 days when ishii pitches.
- J.S., Santa Barbara, CA

DB RESPONSE: We haven't changed the Gibson clock in the five years since the site began. The chances of us changing the clock every 5 days are about as slim as Tripp Cromer after an enema.

Hey- What the hell is wrong with you? What happened to you in your childhood that made you so bitter toward the Ddodgers?
- T.M., Glendale, CA

DB RESPONSE: Franklin Stubbs stole my tricycle. You try recovering from that.

Why do you hate Jim Tracy so much? he's managed the Dodgers to a good record every year he's been here.
- P.F., Woodland Hills, CA

DB RESPONSE: Go to hell.

Do you have old programs for sale?
- K.O., Brea, CA

DB RESPONSE: Sorry, we just sold out. But can we interest you in Bobby Castillo's comb?

Hey Guys,
I love your site. I was wondering if you had heard anything about Paul Shuey? Is he supposed to be back this year? Is he looking like the 7th inning guy to set up for Brazoban and Gagne? Thanks.
- B.B., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Sorry to break the news, but Paul Shuey has signed a minor league contract with Tom Martin's nipples.

In spite of everything said about Jim Tracy, he is the best manager this side of Earl Weaver, and he has proven time and again that you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
- T.F., Laurel, DE

DB RESPONSE: It's a good thing the sow is missing his ear so he doesn't have to listen to you kiss Jim Tracy's ass.

i don't understand all the hateful comments made about the dodgers. i mean t j simers, that moron who writes for the times is the biggest ass and then this website is close behind (pun intended). i see no similar parallels in any other baseball city; where would any other city tolerate someone so negative as tj simers in their main newspaper making such comments about their team? it's all negative especially attacking tracey, it's just down right irritating and depressing to constantly hear negative and putdowns. quit whining. you all sound like crybabies!!! i've followed the dodgers since wally moon and his moon shots in the coliseum, so don't question my credentials. it takes a lot of "work" to follow the dodgers across a continent and i am proud to proclaim i am a dodgers fan
- Name and city withheld

DB RESPONSE: First of all, you try sitting in 2 hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic every day to get 3 fucking miles and tell me how bright and cheerful you are. Second, if you're such a big Dodger fan, why the hell are you putting an 'e' in the manager's name?

This is the worst piece of crap I have ever read. You will be on the dodgers nutsack once they win the world series. I hope you stuff all your info where the sun dont shine because you will never be dodger fans and lastly, I think you are all gay.
- F.M., South Gate, CA

DB RESPONSE: Just to clarify... this place where the sun don't shine... you're talking about South Gate, right?

Your Mom is missing in my bedroom!
- Name and city withheld

DB RESPONSE: Well, if she's in your bedroom then she isn't missing, now is she?

why dont you lazy asses put up some new god damn lookalikes. i've got a good idea, the dodger blues team and olmaedo's lazy, fat, mexican feces
- W.Q., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: First of all, Olmedo was born in Panama, not Mexico. Second of all, fuck you.

You guys can actually update all the parts of your site for once. I hated checking here after a few weeks and having zero updates. If you guys are going to do a site, you may as well do it correctly and with some effort. I mean you guys do a great job on the things you do, but quantity matters as well. You never even actived your suck poll. I mean do something, funny only works for so long, you need new gimmicks. Overall though, this year was about a B-, good effort, but so much more could have been done. So sack up and try harder.
- Name and city withheld (Pussy!)

DB RESPONSE: I'll tell you what—we'll sack up and try harder under one condition: you light your face on fire and send us the video.

you really need to get a life. this is irrespective of whether i'm a dodger fan or not. please get a life instead of wasting your time on doing meaningless, frivolous work like maintaining this website. it serves to making you into a more cynical, unattractive, sarcastic person. so please get a life...
- Name and city withheld (Pussy!)

DB RESPONSE: If we're wasting our time doing meaningless, frivolous work like maintaining this web site, what does that mean for people like you, who not only read the site, but take the time to search for the feedback form? What would you call that—social work? By the way, we have a life. We spend every free moment on a website that pisses off people like you. Thanks for reading.

The Mike Fetters interview was terrible! Are you copying the Dodgers September fade or what? You need to step it up and put your game face on.
- M.E., Fort Myers, FL

DB RESPONSE: Hey, it's not our fault that Mike Fetters doesn't know how to conduct interviews.

Ah the Internet. Any jackoff with time on her hands and who secretly hates baseball has to lampoon something. Goodluck rooting for the steroid king from San Fran.
- C.F., Van Nuys, CA

DB RESPONSE: Yes, we devote all this time to making a web site about the Dodgers because we hate baseball. And you think a woman would waste her time doing this?

this has got to be the most foolish website I have ever seen. If all you have to do is this, then your a joke. You have got to be a Giant (SF) fan, these are the only fuckers I know with the time to devote to this kind of bullshit. By the way would you close down this fuckhole of a site if they won the world series. I guess not as this is the only thing in the world that would give an assfucker like yourself a reason to live. Better yet why don't you just keep the site up when they win and show yourself getting it from your favorite donkey, online, when they win the series.
- T.R., Long Beach, CA

DB RESPONSE: For the record, we just do this web site when we're not doing cancer research.

Just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for this website, and from a fan who can actually read, write and spell. I absolutely love Dodger Blues for its' caustic, TRUTHFULL commentary. God knows the team has broken my heart in September more times than should be allowed. Thanks for the site.
- C.N., Nashville, TN

DB RESPONSE: We appreciate the praise, but you might be a little too confident about your spelling ability.

trading encarncion/he is/was my favorite player
- J.S., city withheld

DB RESPONSE: Maybe you should learn to spell the name of your favorite player. Nonetheless, Jose Flores wants to be your new favorite player.

Don Drysdale is my all time favorite Dodger. When his bobble head came out I came down and got one. I wonder if anyone else notice the bobble head has his throwing arm coming over the top. Big D threw 3/4 or side arm. Wish they got it right. Thanks a little dissapointed.
- N.I., Pasadena, CA

DB RESPONSE: Yeah, we feel you brother. Lost sleep over that one.

- R.G., Pico Rivera, CA

DB RESPONSE: I killed Mike Brito in a bar fight 8 months ago. Sincerely, Vin Scully.

Whoever thought of this website should be fucken beat to a bloody pulp. You are obviously not a true dodger fan and don't deserve to live. why don't you go to chavez ravine and talk all this shit and see what happens. you fucken ass clown!!
- M.K., Stevens Point, WI

DB RESPONSE: So I guess we shouldn't count on any look-alike submissions from you?

you know what, your web-site is a piece of shit! fuck the shit you have to say nothing but a hater....find something better to do. im very disappointed. people like you are whats wrong with america!
- R.A., California

DB RESPONSE: No, your grammar is what's wrong with America. (Learn how to use an apostrophe.)

Do you have any kind of freebies you giveaway?
- M.L., New Zealand

DB RESPONSE: Sure, you can pick: a Jeff Hamilton rookie card, a pair of Olmedo Saenz's underpants, or the piece of Dodger Dog that I just burped up.

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- J.H., New York

DB RESPONSE: Impotence? Drop your mom off at the Dodger Blues offices and we'll see how impotent we are.

I would like to submit my story of a weak ass dodger fan getting his ass wooped by me. Dodgers fans are pathetic. Not only are they horrible baseball fans, they can't fight. I beat up some limp wristed so-cal dodger fan this year at Pac Bell. I threw his hat into the bay. GO GIANTS. DODGERS SUCK.
- J.O., city withheld

DB RESPONSE: Did that 'fan' happen to be a skinny Jewish guy, about 6'4", with the name 'GREEN' on the back of his shirt?

I just recently discovered this and various other anti-Dodger sites. To be honest, I love the Giant's fans. You guys are the Red Sox of the west coast. Its hilarious, you guys think you're a premier franchise, but for some reason you always come up a dollar short in October. By the way, your team looks great this year. When Barry retires, are they are to move the Giants down to AAA?
- B.B., Champaign, IL

DB RESPONSE: Wow, you're as quick as Olmedo Saenz.

You guys are a bunch of mo fos who don't know what they are talking about. Dodgers are winning the pennant this year. shove up your ass fag
- M.J., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Shove what up my ass?

look idiot or whoever has this stupid website running, I don't appreciate you bashing my Dodgers. You might not like the Dodgers but you are just a low life that has nothing better to do than to bash a team. Don't hate bitch!!!
- J.R., San Diego, CA

DB RESPONSE: We have plenty of other things to do than to bash the Dodgers, it's just that this is most fun. And emails from people like you make it all worthwhile.

I love the Dodgers. We do not suck!!!
- V.B., San Diego, CA

DB RESPONSE: What's with the 'we' shit? You play for them?

You are really gay because you are a dodgers fan but you are badmouthing them. Especially Lo Duca who will continue to get smaller and all the aqddictions you are gay. fuck u
- D.R., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Not really following with your Lo Duca thing, but whatever.

Are you kidding me??? Whats with the dodger hatin? talk to ya in october after we win the world series........ya pillow-bitin, no life geeks. GO DODGERS!
- S.K., Bensalem, PA

DB RESPONSE: No life, perhaps. Geek, maybe. Stupid enough to think the Dodgers are going to win the World Series? No.

I disagree with your view on the dodger broadcasters.. thier unique style is welcomed... VIn is the best, Ross brings is style and Rick is refreshing. Go Blue!
- L.G., Montebello, CA

DB RESPONSE: Sure, Rick is refreshing... about as refreshing as a warm glass of vomit.

Is Vincent Scully still the voice of the Dodgers? How do I go about contacting him? If I'm not mistaken, were distant cousins.
- M.B., Sacramento, CA

DB RESPONSE: So, pretty close with Vinny, are ya?

I do not like you site i think it sucks making fun of the Dodgers is not right even though they dont do everything Great does not mean you have any right ripping on them and i do not like it. You have to have no time on your hands to spend your time making something like this it is not right and Eric Gagne is thee best player ever and his look alikes are stupid. ok sorry to say but i hate your site....i got to go byes
- G.C., Covina, CA

DB RESPONSE: Byes to you too. Covina? Really?

man... i cant believe haters of the dodgers would go this far! u guys suck major *kevin brown* (DICK, BITCH!) SO stop all the hating, cuz i dont see ur sorry asses making madd bank. stop judging them just cuz yo fat ass mommas never taught u better. if u ask me...i think ur people are nasty and porn-addicted, lice infested, CRABinfested, ogres. so suck a dick bitch! and im not fat, yo mamma is though, and ya fatass granny too. Dodgers Rock!
- Rosie, Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Rosie, do you kiss your nine children with that mouth?

hey, some dodger fan gave me this site and sended me this part of it and it popped up on hooters, do you get alot of those
- D.H., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Um.... What?

Don't make fun of black people. It is wrong. You can make fun of whites, asians, or mexicans. But not blacks. Got it?
- D.J., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Delino, is that you?

Put one end of a straw in your mouth and the other end up your nose and suck until your head caves in.
- M.K., Indianapolis, IN

DB RESPONSE: Is that what people do in Indianapolis?

I understand it's just humor, but it's not cool to rip on a guy thats doing something we only dream of, and making a living at it to boot. Why bag on Daryle Ward? He will either make a contribution or the Dodgers will unload him. He is a good guy; He hasn't beat up any coaches/players/fans. He hasn't been arrested for DUI, drugs, wife beating or picking up prostitutes. He's a great family guy and a role model for people who work hard and dream. He's subjected himself to public ridicule by attending a weight loss clinic, just to be a better player. Why do you want his family and friends to see him dogged out in the media? What's the point?
- J.S., Riverside, CA

DB RESPONSE: What's the point? The point is that there are only so many Dodger Dogs at the satdium, and if we're not careful, Ward might eat them all.

What type of presciption goggles does Eric Gagne wear? Brand? Style?
- R.Y., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Does is seem like we have a tight relationship with the Dodgers? Next time we're hanging out in the dugout, we'll ask him.

your a bunch of people who make themselves feel better by talking shit about other people
- Name withheld

DB RESPONSE: You're grammar blows. Ahhh, I feel better now.

lol i guess u havent heard of the curse of the bambino....i know it has nothing to do with the dodgers but if u dont like the dodgers there's a chance u may not get into heaven....u must be a giants fan who has nothing better to do with his life then make a corny website....say what u want about my spelling and punctuation (since i know u have nothing better to do, but i do)....the dodgers have had their share of bad moments but we also have our magic or lose good or bad we are the most divine team....your site is pretty funny but also very naive and hard feelings keep up the good work (yea right)
- B.B., Brooklyn, NY

DB RESPONSE: If heaven is filled with people like you, I'll pass.

Im only 18 but I Love the Dodgers I wish I could see them win the World Series before I die. But yea I like your page even though you talk shit about them. Its Rad cuz its good to joke around about the things you love..and deep down you know you Love the Dodgers...
- J.B., Los Angeles, CA

DB RESPONSE: Considering you probably only have 50-60 years left, don't count on seeing the Dodgers win the World Series before you die.

Why you gots ta be awl racicist and sheet on yo dodger looky alikes?!
You Cracka ass mo-fuka!
- G.S., Soufth Centrul, CA

DB RESPONSE: Sheff, is that you?

I am a regular reader of your site, and have grown to appreciate your sense of humour. The piece you recently did on Shawn Green has confirmed my suspicions that you just can't let go of the "jew thing". Despite your obvious knowledge of Jewish culture you just don't like Jews do you? Ask yourself, would you do a piece on baby Jesus shitting in his diaper all over Paul LoDuca? Look Shawn Green is only human,surely he fucks up enough to find humor in his actions as a Dodger. You are too clever a humorist to have to jump on the "jew boy" wagon everytime you write about Green.
- E.W., Vero Beach, FL

DB RESPONSE: First of all, only occasionally do we make Jewish references. Second, thanks for the Baby Jesus idea.

Please refrain from any mention of Ken Landreaux on your website. He is a hiss and a byword. I realize that this website exists for the purpose of making light of Dodger woes. But Landreaux is far worse than that. He is a curse and the mere mention of his name can doom a game or even a season. P.S. I'm sorry to have had to type the vile name.
- J.H., Stevenson Ranch, CA

DB RESPONSE: Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux. Dave Goltz. Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux, Ken Landreaux.

As a huge SF GIANTS fan I think your website is the greatest!!!!
- S.G., Santa Monica, CA

DB RESPONSE: May your balls catch fire in public.

I'm very disappointed with this website, for not having parental advise, when it comes to your column. My 11 year old is a true Dodger Fan, and brought this to my attention. If I knew that your columns contained profanity, I would have never let her log on....From a very applaud fan.
- L.G., Alhambra, CA

DB RESPONSE: Shit, lady. Chill the fuck out. But thanks for applauding.

im having a very hard time understanding why there are people in this world that would dedicate an entire website to something so negative. chances are, you guys are san francisco fans. why not build a site on how good you THINK they are? why waste your time being negative? i just dont get it.
- Name withheld

DB RESPONSE: We're not negative, just realistic. (OK, fine, we're negative, but you try watching Paul Shuey every other day.)

On DSL your web site loads so slow it feels like you're going back in time. please email me when you actually post something funny or interesting because the vibe you give off is so depressing it goes from blue to black.
- Name withheld

DB RESPONSE: Go to hell.

Fuck the dodgers
- Lenny Harris, NY

DB RESPONSE: What's your beef, Lenny? Your ass may be the size of a house, but don't take out your anger on the Dodgers.

You must have that disease "opticrecutmitis." That's where a nerve in your eye crosses with a nerve in your ass and gives you a shitty outlook on life!
- Name withheld

DB RESPONSE: There are no nerves in my ass. Just dingleberries.

I would like to contact Jaime Jarrin - specifically to mail him a copy of a video I made about his friend Jaime Torres, an Argentine musician. But I can't find an address to send it to him. Can you help? Thanks.
- J.B., La Puente, CA

DB RESPONSE: Are you fucking kidding? I'll tell you what, send the tape to me, I'll smash the goddamn thing, and we'll pretend like you never asked me that question.


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