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ACME Dodgers
Guide to the Dodgers

Blue Heaven
Great ESPN feature on Vero

Dodger Dugout
Dodger info

Dodger Junkie
Dodger blog

Dodger Thoughts
Notes & commentary

Ebbets Field
All about Brooklyn

Frisco Sucks
Hatin' the Giants

Fire Ned Colletti Now
Because he sucks

Lion in Oil
Dodgers/sports blog

Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness
Dodgers blog

Ned Colletti - Twitter
Fake Twitter account for Dodgers' GM

Pro Sports Daily
Dodger rumors from newspapers

Sons of Steve Garvey
Dodger commentary

Vin Scully, Artist
A tribute to Vin Scully

Walter O'Malley
Official site

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At Home Plate
Analysis and rotisserie advice

Fantasy baseball analysis

Baseball Geeks
News & blogs

Baseball Links
Comprehensive list of links

Baseball Savvy
So-Cal baseball commentary

Ben Maller
Coverage of all sports

Boycott Barry
As advertised

Chan Ho Park
In compromising postitions

The Diamond Angle
The eclectic baseball magazine
Baseball l ink directory

Earl Snyder's Dead Ringer
The misery of being a Red Sox fan

Heavy Hitter
Baseball link directory

Heckle Depot
One-liners from the world of baseball

The Heckler
Satirical look at baseball in Chicago

HeySportsFans Fantasy Baseball
Fantasy baseball leagues w/ prizes

Modern Era Baseball
'The Fan's Guide to the Ultimate Spring Training Experience'

Sonia Lo Duca Playboy video
Scroll down for Sonia Flores

Sports Fan Magazine
The life and times of America's sports fans

Sports by Brooks
Sports commentary and girls

Walk Barry Bonds
Keeping Hank Aaron's record safe

As advertised

Yanks Suck
Anti-Yankee web site


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