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Thanks to some incredible frugality, the Dodgers have invited some real winners to Spring Training in recent years. While a few have panned out, the majority were either cut during the spring or accumulated dust in the minor leagues. Here's a look at the Dodgers' spring invitees of late (guys who actually ended up spending time on the team are in bold):



Tanyon Sturtze
Juan Castro
Jeff Weaver

Shawn Estes
Stephen Randolph
Scott Strickland
Luis Maza
Hector Luna
Yhency Brazoban
Eric Milton
Doug Mientkiewicz


Stellar group, Ned.

Danny Ardoin
Brian Falkenborg

John-Ford David Griffin
Greg Jones
Mike Koplove
George Lombard
Tom Martin
Ramon Martinez
Mike Myers

Chan Ho Park
Matt Riley
Tanyon Sturtze
Terry Tiffee


There's a guy on this list with two first names and two last names. Enough said.



Larry Bigbie
Choo Freeman
Ken Huckaby
Damien Jackson
Joe Mays
Rudy Seanez
Travis Smith
Kelly Stinnett
Fernando Tatis
Matt White


A decent group of guys... if this was the late 90's.

Kurt Ainsworth
Joe Beimel
Brian Meadows
Aaron Sele
Kelly Wunsch
Pat Borders
Takashi Saito
Eric Stults
Ramon Martinez
Tydus Meadows
Chris Truby
Jon Weber


A lot of these guys saw action in '06 (and '07), with Saito one of the best invitees of the last 20 years. So sad that Pat Borders retired, though.



Buddy Carlyle
Mike Edwards
Scott Erickson
Jose Flores
D.J. Houlton
Aquilino Lopez
Tydus Meadows
Norihiro Nakamura
Oscar Robles
Ryan Rupe
Tony Schrager
Henri Stanley
Mike Venafro
Jon Weber
Kelly Wunsch


Definitely one of the weaker assortments in recent years. The fact that so many of them made the club speaks only of the Dodgers' cheapness.



Troy Brohawn
Jeremy Giambi
Jose Hernandez

Masao Kida
Jose Lima
Rodney Myers
Olmedo Saenz
Bill Simas
Tanyon Sturtze
Rick White


The Dodgers were fortunate with this group of journeymen. Lima, Hernandez, and big Olmedo all contributed to the Dodgers success (if you consider getting knocked out in the NLDS a success).



Wilson Alvarez
Larry Barnes
Pedro Borbon Jr.
Troy Brohawn
Ron Coomer

Bryan Corey
Gookie Dawkins
Calvin Maduro
Calvin Murray
Rodney Myers
Yorkis Perez
Terry Shumpert
Quilvio Veras


The Dodgers got very lucky with Wilson Alvarez, but he's pretty much the only '03 invitee who made any kind of impact. Rumor has it that Ron Coomer actually ate Calvin Murray during Spring Training.



Kevin Beirne
Dante Bichette

Ricky Bones
Bryan Corey
Tim Crabtree
Robert Ellis
Roberto Kelly
Mike Kinkade
Doug Linton
Ramon Martinez

Jesse Orosco
Stan Spencer
Dennis Springer
Mark Whiten


Realizing he probably wasn't going to make the team, Bichette retired just before the '02 season rather than get cut. As for Dennis Springer, well, who gives a shit.



Tim Bogar
Jeff Branson

Giovanni Carrara

Kip Gross
Phil Hiatt
Brian Johnson
Aaron Ledesma
Mark Lewis
Jim Morris
Jesse Orosco
Yorkis Perez
Jeff Reboulet
Scott Service
Andy Stankiewicz


Wow, what an overwhelmingly pathetic group this is. Bogar? Branson? Hiatt? Shocking that the Dodgers didn't win it all in 2001.



Bruce Aven
Geronimo Berroa

Jim Bullinger
Robinson Checo
Brent Cookson
Craig Counsell
Chris Donnels
Kevin Elster
Mike Fetters

Shawn Gilbert
Matt Herges
Orel Hershiser

Chad Kreuter

Adarn Melhuse
Kevin Orie
Adam Riggs


This was probably one of the Dodgers' better non-roster rosters in recent years. Elster, of course, opened Pac Bell Park with 3 home runs, and Kreuter later attacked a Cubs fan.



Pete Rose, Jr.
Pedro Borbon, Jr.
Greg Cadaret
Jacob Brumfield
Rick Wilkins
Doug Bochtler
Tim Laker
Chance Sanford
Chris Haney


What's there to say about these guys?

Mike Devereaux
Mark Gubicza
Thomas Howard
Trenidad Hubbard
Matt Luke
Tim Scott


Trenidad Hubbard spent two years with the Dodgers, with most of that time spent sleeping in Todd Hollandsworth's equipment bag.



Eric Anthony
Henry Blanco
Tripp Cromer
Chip Hale
Mike Harkey

Nelson Liriano
William Pennyfeather
Eddie Williams
John Wehner


Nelson Liriano... christ.

Jim Bruske
Mike Harkey
Scott Radinsky
Rudy Seanez
Tom Prince
Rick Parker

Milt Thompson
Reggie Williams


Let's face it, there's been no bigger Spring Training pick-up than Rick Parker, who had 14 at-bats during the season and made the most of each one. Maybe his mom even remembers.

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