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We know you've been wondering. And since we like to make you happy, we've done the research. Read below to see what some of your favorite former Dodgers are doing now.


> Shawn Gilbert

» Played with Dodgers: 2000

» Career Highlight: Hit a career high .200 in '98

» And today: After Shawn hung up the spikes, he wanted to travel the world for a year. Unfortunately, he could only afford a bus tour of Massachusetts. Today, he works at a video rental store in Pittson, Pennsylvania and is the founding member of the Kix Fan Club (the band, not the cereal).


> Kevin Gross

» Played with Dodgers: 1991-1994

» Career Highlight: Hit a home run against Fernando... only to then watch Fernando hit one against him.

» And today: Sadly, Kevin has lost his mind. Not only does he think he's still playing for the Dodgers, he firmly believes he's in the bottom of the eighth inning of his August 17th, 1992 no-hitter against the Giants. Doctors have no hope for his recovery, but Kevin's family argues that it's the happiest they've ever seen him. Also, he poops himself a lot.


> Bob Ojeda

» Played with Dodgers: 1991-1992

» Career Highlight: Only Dodger lefty starter for like 12 years

» And today: Bobby, who recently quit (was fired) from his position as a Mets minor league pitching coach, has now turned back to the Dodgers for work for the first time since he was traded to Cleveland along with Tim Crews. With no real positions left, The Dodgers have created the position, "Relaxation Coach." Bobby will have the duty of taking struggling pitchers on vacation in hopes of improving them. His first assignment will be to take Elmer Dessens and Brian Falkenborg on a much needed boating trip.


> Jeff Reboulet

» Played with Dodgers: 2001-2002

» Career Highlight: Had double-digits in RBIs from '92-'97

» And today: After Reboulet retired in 2003, he joined former Dodger Mike Maddux in a moustache waxing club. Jeff also likes to mow his neighbors lawn and watch reruns of Patty Duke.


> Larry Barnes

» Played with Dodgers: 2003

» Career Highlight: Actually hit a HR for the Angels in '01

» And today: Along with with fellow former Dodger Chris Donnels, Larry has opened a chain of bookstores called Barnes & Donnels. The new business venture specializes in "How to fail as a Dodger left-handed pinch hitting specialists" books. The stores have been quite successful despite a client list of just one person: Jason Grabowski.

> Chad Kreuter

» Played with Dodgers: 2000-2002

» Career Highlight: Tried to kill a Cubs fan in May 2000

» And today: After the Rangers realized that even Kreuter couldn't do anything more for Chan Ho Park, he was released and has opened a prize fighting club in Chicago. Anyone who can take his choke hold for more than 20 seconds wins a brand new cap from Chad's softball team.


> Pedro Borbon, Jr.

» Played with Dodgers: 1999

» Career Highlight: 20.25 ERA for Cardinals in 4 innings in 2003

» And today: Borbon can be found in New Orleans, posing for for photos with tourists next to a "Bourbon St." sign for $2 a picture. The local casinos also hire him as a shill to fill up seats at the poker tables in exchange for free drinks and a date with Simone, the pre-op transsexual from Puerto Rico.


> Darryl Strawberry

» Played with Dodgers: 1991-1993

» Career Highlight: Went without drugs for a week during the 1989 season.

» And today: Currently in jail, Darryl won the triple crown and MVP of the All Felon League. While playing the All Felon all star-game, (Druggies vs. Wife beaters) the Felon League unexpectedly honored Darryl by retiring his jail number.


> Mike Metcalfe

» Played with Dodgers: 1998, 2000

» Career Highlight: .083 batting average in 2000

» And today: Mike lives in Glendale, CA in a one bedroom studio appartment with his dog, Raul. Mike makes a living working at an AM/PM and coaching little league. His hobbies include collecting stamps and driving fast cars that don't belong to him.

> Devon White

» Played with Dodgers: 1999-2000

» Career Highlight: Got Brian Downing to sign his wristband in '85.

» And today: Devon was traded to the Brewers for Marquis Grissom before the 2001 season, and then retired after the season. After dabbling in the picture frame industry for a few months, Devon took up cooking. He know cooks up Jamaican specialties at Tropical Grill in Corona. (See enlarged picture and caption from Westways Magazine.)


> Jerry Brooks

» Played with Dodgers: 1993

» Career Highlight: 1 RBI in '93

» And today: Jerry now sells delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs outside Staples Center in downtown LA. He also runs an illegal Ferret Smuggling operation. His favorite hobbies are playing "dirty" Jenga with his pets and taking Jell-O baths while listening to Enya.


> Fernando Valenzuela

» Played with Dodgers: 1980-1990

» Career Highlight: Played first base while Jeff Hamilton pitched in 1989.

» And today: Fernando has slimmed down to an impressive 384 pounds. After numerous stints as an elvis impersonator in Las Vegas, Fernando can now be found selling jalepeno flavored cracker jacks as a vendor in Mexico City.

> Chance Sanford

» Played with Dodgers: 1999

» Career Highlight: 2 total bases in '99

» And today: Chance moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he opened a Sanford & Son museum. He enjoys collecting used jock straps and watching re-runs of Head of the Class.


> Oreste Marrero

» Played with Dodgers: 1996

» Career Highlight: 1 RBI in '96

» And today: Oreste now lives in Yakima, Wa. He likes to make troll dolls out of aluminum foil. He was recently elected to a second term as secretary of the Yakima Jon Secada fan club.


> Mike Busch

» Played with Dodgers: 1995-96

» Career Highlight: Was a scab during '95 strike

» And today: Mike now lives in beautiful Modesto, selling used mens loafers through a mail-order catalogue. In his spare time he collects Danielle Steele novels, watches Dukes Of Hazzard re-runs, and races the neighborhood kids on his BMX bicycle.


> Bob Welch

» Played with Dodgers: 1978-1987

» Career Highlight: Fired by D'backs

» And today: After being fired by the Diamondbacks as their pitching coach, Bob Welch parties every night with other pitching coach drunks (like Dave Smith), while making hats out of Monopoly money.

> Delino DeShields

» Played with Dodgers: 1994-1996

» Career Highlight: Traded for Pedro

» And today: Delino is hated by most Dodgers fans for his involvement in the Martinez trade and the poor numbers he posted as a Dodger. He was lucky enough to get a job with the Cubs as a backup. Unfortunately, he was fined heavily and released after he was caught stealing Sammy Sosa's underwear and selling it online.


> Darren Hall

» Played with Dodgers: 1996-1998

» Career Highlight: 10.38 ERA in '98

» And today: Darren now lives in Chicago, IL spending his time playing the saxaphone outside the House of Blues for money. So far he has none.


> Mike Trombley

» Played with Dodgers: 2001

» Career Highlight: 6.56 ERA in '01

» And today: After being released by the Twins, Mike decided to call it quits. He is out of baseball completely, and now lives in sunny Mesa, Arizona working at a Krispy Kreme shop where Chris Gwynn & Angel Peña can be seen frequently. In his spare time, he enjoys building models out of Legos and watching reruns of "Mama's Family."


> Eddie Pye

» Played with Dodgers: 1994-1995

» Career Highlight: 1 hit in '94

» And today: After parts of two lackluster seasons in the majors, both with the Dodgers, Eddie quit baseball and moved to Philadelphia, PA, opening up a sucsessful bakery called Pye in the Sky. In his spare time, Eddie enjoys yoga, shooting pool, andplaying with his pet goldfish. Eddie also plays bass in a Dokken tribute band.


> Onan Masaoka

» Played with Dodgers: 1999-2000

» Career Highlight: 1 career save

» And today: After a failed attempt at making it big with the Dodgers, Masaoka returned to his native Hawaii. However, he had shamed his family and has thus been banished to the leper island.


> Chris Gwynn

» Played with Dodgers: 1987-'91, 1994-'95

» Career Highlight: Snuck three donuts into left field in '94

» And today: After the spending the '99 season back in rookie ball, Gwynn retired and moved to Jacksonville, Florida where he founded a fast food restaraunt named Phatzo's. (Angel Peña can be seen frequently in the off season.) In his spare time, Gwynn enjoys building model airplanes and crashing them into the wall. He also tapes game shows.


> Carlos Perez

» Played with Dodgers: 1998-2000

» Career Highlight: Arrested for drunk driving in '99

» And today: Carlos recently acquired a fake birth certificate and joined a little league team in Glendale, with hopes of making it to the little league world series. In preparation, the league has banned use of all water coolers.


> Billy Ashley

» Played with Dodgers: 1992-1997

» Career Highlight: 1 triple in 1996

» And today: Big Billy earns money walking fluffy little dogs and working part-time at a Jack-In-The-Box in New Jersey. Billy also enjoys watching game shows, sometimes picking up the TV when he gets angry.


> Angel Pena

» Played with Dodgers: 1998-2001

» Career Highlight: 1 sacrifce in '99

» And today: After the Dodgers let him go, Peña was worried that he would be out of a job for good, so he went on an eating binge. He gained 20 pounds, pushing him up to about 600. Nonetheless the A's signed him, and he's currently floating around in their farm system. Sadly, however, Peña was suspended from the team in early April 2002 for eating the AAA third base coach.


> Jim Bruske

» Played with Dodgers: 1995-98

» Career Highlight: 1 save in 1995

» And today: Jim now lives in the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington. Founded a restaurant called Bruske's Beer & Brautwurst Bar, but passed out while serving drinks to an elderly woman during Mayfest this past year and was forced to shut down.


> Tom Goodwin

» Played with Dodgers: 1991-93, 2000-01

» Career Highlight: 117 K's in 2000

» And today: Times have been tough for Tom since his release from the Dodgers. After getting fired from several fast food establishments and trying unsuccessfully to be a sperm donor, he has hit rock bottom and was forced to take a job as a San Francisco Giants centerfielder. Very sad.


> Chad Fonville

» Played with Dodgers: 1995-97

» Career Highlight: Grew 1/4 inch in 1994

» And today: Chad lives in Mexico, sipping margaritas on the beach with former GM Fred Claire.


> Bob Bailor

» Played with Dodgers: 1984-85

» Career Highlight: 3 doubles in '85

» And today: Bob founded a Matchbox car trading website with former Dodger Craig Shipley. Unfortunately the utility infielders soon realized that the dot-com business wasn't for them, as neither could afford to buy a computer.


> Mitch Webster

» Played with Dodgers: 1991-95

» Career Highlight: Had 1 stolen base in '94

» And today: Mitch is a full-time umpire for a men's softball league in Bakersfield, CA. He was chosen over 15-year-old Billy Cass to ump the 2000 championship game. Also, Mitch claims to have invented colored paper clips. Lives in Mexico, sipping margarita's with Former GM Fred Claire.


> Wilton Guerrero

» Played with Dodgers: 1996-98

» Career Highlight: Forgot to re-tag second after rounding the base on a fly ball

» And today: Despite his complete lack of baseball instinct and general brain power, Wilton is suprisingly still in baseball; he's in the Cincinnati Reds orginazation. However, it took him 37 minutes to figure out where to sign the contract. During the off-season Wilton enjoys playing the piano (by banging on the keys), trying to play video tapes on an 8-track player, and eating out at his favorite fine dining experience: Taco Bell. He also owned his own bat manufacturing company, Corkco, but went out of business when it was discovered that the bats break easily. Now he's trying to pick up the pieces and start over again.


> Steve Sax

» Played with Dodgers: 1981-88

» Career Highlight: 30 errors in '83

» And today: Steve lives in Los Angeles and is is the founder and spokesmororn for the Steve Sax Arm Restoration Association (SSARS), aimed (yes, pun) at financing his psychiatric care. Steve is an avid fisherman and recently caught a bass over two feet long that bared a striking resemblance to Hiram Bocachica. Steve also was a contestant on the MTV game show "Remote Control" in 1988, but came in third place with zero points.

> Mickey Hatcher

» Played with Dodgers: 1979-80, 1987-90

» Career Highlight: Had a 9.00 ERA in '89

» And today: Mickey frequents a bar called "Hard Cock" in West Hollywood, CA. He likes to ride the mechanical bull while sitting on a pogo stick. Sometimes forgetting that he's a slow fat bastard, he runs outside and slides head first into the street.


> Juan Samuel

» Played with Dodgers: 1990-1991

» Career Highlight: 17 errors in '91

» And today: Juan opened a "Soul-Glow" fashion salon in downtown LA with other legendary Dodgers Darrell Thomas and Mariano Duncan. Can frequently be seen at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles or at all-ages dance clubs picking up on 15 year old girls.


> Trenidad Hubbard

» Played with Dodgers: 1998-1999

» Career Highlight: 1 triple in '98

» And today: Lives in San Francisco. Spends most of his time swimming in McCovey Cove, hoping to catch a homerun ball that he can sell to buy some garlic fries. Sometimes he's mistaken for doodie floating in the water.


> Len Matuszek

» Played with Dodgers: 1985-1987

» Career Highlight: Turned 2 double-plays in 1985

» And today: Len shaves his head every three months and sells his curly locks as "Sharon Stone's pubes" on E-Bay.


> Ted Power

» Played with Dodgers: 1981-1982

» Career Highlight: Recorded 7 strikeouts in 1981

» And today: Ted is part owner of Shakey's Pizza in Flagstaff, AZ. He has no children, but collects empty CD cases and likes to play Boggle.


> Jeff Hamilton

» Played with Dodgers: 1986-1991

» Career Highlight: Pitched 1.2 innings in 1989

» And today: Jeff generally sits at home and cries. Sometimes he goes to the bank, but he just stands outside since he doesn't have an account. He enjoys omlettes and surfing the web.


> Franklin Stubbs

» Played with Dodgers: 1984-1989

» Career Highlight: Batted .222 in 1985

» And today: Franklin has 11 children and a pony. However the pony looks eerily like Sid Bream. In the late 90's, Franklin founded a data-processing company, but his typewriter-only policy soon led to bankruptcy.


> John Candelaria

» Played with Dodgers: 1991-1992

» Career Highlight: 2 saves in 1991

» And today: After being seen chewing leaves from a large tree, John was purchased by the San Diego Zoo and is now a giraffe.


> Garey Ingram

» Played with Dodgers: 1994-1995, 1997

» Career Highlight: 3 RBIs in 1995

» And today: Garey makes his home in Mexico. He doesn't speak spanish, and doesn't know anyone there, but it's the only place he could afford. In his free time, Garey likes to groom dogs and swim.


> Robinson Checo

» Played with Dodgers: 1999

» Career Highlight: 15.2 innings pitched in 1999

» And today: Robinson spends much of his days tied to a bed at a cozy mental institution in Bakersfield, CA. Success and fame came quick for Robinson, and he had difficulty adjusting once his career ended. A suggestion from change your fucking name.


> Enos Cabell

» Played with Dodgers: 1985-1986

» Career Highlight: 2 home runs in 1986

» And today: After spending 8 years as porn star Penis Cabell, Enos decided it was time for a change. He now works under the name Enos the Penis.


> Raphael Bournigal

» Played with Dodgers: 1992-1994

» Career Highlight: 3 doubles in 1994

» And today: Raphael makes his home next to the Panama Canal. He collects things that fall off of cruise ships. His 4 young boys are also named Raphael.


> Mike Blowers

» Played with Dodgers: 1996

» Career Highlight: 37 walks in 1996

» And today: Mike and his wife live in sunny El Centro, CA. He joined an adult baseball league in 1999, but was released after striking out 96 times during the 14-game season. He then beat the hell out of a nun, but she chose not to file charges.


> Tripp Cromer

» Played with Dodgers: 1997-99

» Career Highlight: Hit .167 in '98

» And today: Tripp bought a toothpick manufacturing company in 2001, but was tragically was mistaken for a toothpick and chewed to death by Danté Bichette.


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