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> Mike Fetters interviews Alex Cora

Alex Cora joins Mike Fetters at BBQ restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Fetters is seated in a round booth with a round table, bib tucked nicely into his shirt. The table has copious amounts of food on it. We're talking spare ribs, baby back ribs, chicken, hot links, brisket, pulled pork, baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, collard greens, etc…

Mike Fetters: Hey Joey. Pull up a chair.

Alex Cora: Actually, I'm Alex. My brother is Joey.

MF: Relax, I call everybody Joey. It's just my thing. (to waiter) Hey Joey, bring me some more of them pork ribs.

Cora puts on a bib and sits opposite Fetters at the round table.

AC: Is all this food for you?

MF:(mouth full) It ain't for you.

He looks at Cora's physique and reconsiders.

MF: Okay, you can have a bite.

Cora rotates the table, spinning the plates of food away from Fetters and toward himself. He takes a spare rib.

AC: Mmm...these ribs are good.

MF: I said a bite! Give me back my ribs.

AC: I think you should be concentrating on the greens, not the ribs.

Cora scoops some baked beans from a bowl with a large wooden spoon. Fetters, angry as hell, throws a dinner roll at Cora who promptly knocks it away with his knife. Fetters throws a second roll and Cora knocks it out the way.

Pissed as hell, Fetters grabs another roll, looks for the sign and throws a fastball at Cora who lunges to knock it away. A customer at a nearby table catches the roll and hands it to his son.

Cora continues to gnaw away on food as Fetters blisters rolls at him. Each time, Cora expertly deflects them away.

MF: You can't do this all day, Cora. You will get tired and that plate of ribs will be mine.

AC: Never!

Fetters throws another roll and Cora deflects it straight back. The restaurant customers have risen to their feet, applauding and cheering on the duel. Cora leans toward the plate to get another rib. Fetters fires a roll that hits Cora in the back. Cora winces in pain.

AC: Ow! Hey asshole, that hurt.

MF: That's what happens when you get to close to my plate. Now give me my ribs.

Fetters gets up and waddles over to Cora. Cora gets up quickly, inadvertently knocking the table and sending all of the food to the floor. Cora dives headfirst, attempting to save the plate of ribs before it hits the floor. As he flies through the air, Cora collides with Mike Fetters knee, knocking Cora unconscious. Cora lands atop the plate of ribs.

MF: Poor Joey.

Cora is motionless on the restaurant floor. Customers stand shocked, worried for Cora's well-being. One of them is Nildamarie Cora.

Fetters somehow manages to squat down to attend to Cora. He shakes Cora vigorously, but there is no response. He shakes Cora a little more and he gets Cora to roll over. Fetters then grabs a handful of ribs, puts them in his pocket and walks away.


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