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> Mike Blowers interviews Eric Gagne

One of's many Mike correspondents was able to catch up with Dodger closer Eric Gagne at a nearby restaurant.

Mike Blowers: I guess the most important question Dodger fans want to know, is how your brother is doing?

Eric Gagne: My brother?

MB: Yeah, your brother Greg Gagne. We played for the Dodgers together back in '96.

EG: We aren't related. His last name is pronounced GAG-nee. My name is pronounced the French way.

MB: I'm glad you brought up that you're Canadian. Does it bother you when your teammates call you a frostback?

EG: My teammates haven't called me a frostback.

MB: Don't be naïve, Eric. They've also called you "Fatty Gagne," "Canadian Sumo," and "El Jefe Gordo."

A waitress shows up with our food order. Gagne's plate consists of a porterhouse the size of a phonebook, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed vegetables, corn on the cob, biscuits, BBQ pork ribs, baked beans, coleslaw, a side of pork chops and some apple sauce. I get a roast beef sandwich.

EG: Just a little snack before dinner.

MB: What's up with that accent of yours?

EG: I didn't learn English until I was in junior college in Oklahoma.

MB: Learn English? I thought you said you were Canadian?

EG: I'm from the French speaking part of Canada.

MB: When you were growing up, who did you look up to?

EG: I enjoyed watching Guy Carboneau, Eric Desjardins, John LeClair—

MB: Whoah, whoah, whoah. What's with all the Frenchies? Are they minor league players?

EG: No, they played hockey for the Montreal Canadiens when I was a kid.

MB: Hockey? Oh, Eric we can't put that in the interview. People will think you're a stupid frostback.

EG: Frostback, ay?

MB: And you got some beans in your goatee.

Gagne runs his fingers through his beard causing a large serving of beans to cascade down on to his plate.

MB: What's it like in the bullpen? Who do you hang out with?

EG: I usually hang out in the dugout for the first seven innings. If I'm in the 'pen, I have to fight Wilson Alvarez for food. In the dugout, I can do whatever I want.

MB: Who do you hang with in the bullpen?

EG: I like hanging with Paul Shuey and Paul Shuey's friend…you know, Martin something.

MB: Let's talk about your streak.

EG: Seventy-eight consecutive converted save opportunities is certainly something that I am proud of. But I don't really care about individual achievements. I care more about-

MB: I'm talking about your streak of two and half seasons of wearing that diseased hat.

EG: The hat is actually brand new. Everybody thinks its old but I put on a new one every game and I sweat through it during my warm-up tosses in the bullpen. I have a bad gland problem.

MB: Thanks for your time, Eric. Anything else you'd like to add?

EG: Are you going to eat that?


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