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* Indicates Jim Tracy interviewing himself.


After lengthy discussions with our broadcast partners, the organization is focused on taking its on-air format in exciting, new directions.

- Executive VP Lon Rosen
On bringing back Mr. Excitement Rick Monday

Is he going to be terrific? Is he going to be subpar? Is he going to be mediocre? Will his back be an issue? I just don't know.

- Yankees GM Brian Cashman
Doing his best Jim Tracy impersonation

If they don't score all those runs, we win easy.

- Eric Gagne
On the complexities of baseball

Whoever gets it is going to get it.

- Adrian Beltre
Expressing his deep understanding of
the nature of the NL MVP award

*When are they going to finish the World Series, in November? Or do you start the season earlier in April when it's cold on the East Coast and there is a lot of rain? Or do you go back to 154 regular-season games?

- Jim Tracy
Arguing with himself about expanding
the Division Series to a best-of-seven


We played pretty well against him last night, considering he's really stuck it up our butts in the past.

- Jim Riggleman
On Kirk Reuter's habit of sneaking into the Dodger showers

*With Mota not here, did I do things slightly different? Yeah. You had to. What are your choices? Lose the division? You think anybody in a blue shirt wanted to see that?

- Jim Tracy
Apparently confused about the Dodgers' uniform color

He [Tracy] keeps pitching me. That right there tells you something.

- Scott Stewart
On what his frequent appearances tell us: Tracy's an idiot

*Do I want to watch this guy walk off and do this for somebody else? No.

- Jim Tracy
Asking himself about Adrian Beltre

I saw Hank Aaron for awhile when I was so high and I really started to fall in love with this game.

- Jim Tracy
On his love for drugs and baseball

It took an act of God to get me in the lineup.

- Robin Ventura
On being Green's Yom Kippur replacement

Why couldn't the ball just hit me in the mouth? I can always go to the dentist tomorrow and get new teeth.

- Jose Lima
Unaware that Frank McCourt doesn't offer a dental plan

I've used the words 'consummate professional' about this guy. I've used the term 'warrior.' We've seen all of that here. For two years he was basically the guy. Maybe not on paper, but as the year unfolded and you went out there between the lines and played your 162, he in essence was the guy for two years.

- Jim Tracy
On the end of Nomo's career

No runs isn't going to get it done.

- Cesar Izturis
Using the word "isn't" because it's like his last name

*Is there progress? Yes. Is he healthier? Yes. If he's less than himself is it worth it to continue? No. Is he pain free? Yes.... It's a medical issue. The medical people will tell me [when Penny is ready to pitch again]. I won't speculate.

- Jim Tracy
Having an entire conversation with himself

Your bat needs some lovin.

- Jose Lima
Talking to Steve Finley during the game

I need a hug. Give me a hug.

- Steve Finley
Asking Jose Lima for some lovin'
(click here for proof)

I didn't get this job by being an idiot.

- Ross Porter
Suggesting that it was his boyish good looks
that landed him the job

I can't see him [Milton Bradley] going home for the funeral, flying back and running him out there and running the risk of a leg injury.

- Jim Tracy
On the logical connection between attending
a funeral and suffering a leg injury

What else can you say about our third baseman?

- Jim Tracy
Forgetting his third baseman's name

A lot of schedules are dangling in the air. Ishii might walk out there and give us a no-hitter or seven innings with no runs. If not, Jackson could possibly come up. I hope not.

- Jim Tracy
Rambling about who knows what

Someday David Ross will be able to rock the grandkids and tell them that he once pinch-hit for Shawn Green.

- Vin Scully
Predicting a pathetic career for Ross

In this game you just have to be a good liar and stupid. You have to be a good liar to tell yourself everything is going to be all right, and then stupid enough to believe your own lies.

- Eric Gagne
Telling us things aren't going to be all right

*Is he a possible candidate? Yes. Is it likely after only one time? Probably not.

- Jim Tracy
Asking himself about Edwin Jackson's return to the rotation

I'm not sure what Beltre was thinking. Maybe nothing.

- Vin Scully
On Adrian Beltre's indecision after catching a line drive

Sometimes you're not sure which side of him [Kaz Ishii] you're going to get. BUt when you get the good side, you definitely know that he's capable of getting people out.

- Jim Tracy
Once again insulting one of his own players
(That's our job, not the manager's)

We've fallen in love with Dodger Stadium. I know there was a lot of discussion when we arrived about what was our view of Dodger Stadium. We're committed to Dodger Stadium and think it's great.

- Frank McCourt
Most likely lying his ass off

Gravity doesn't take effect.

- Jeff Weaver
Talking about the Odalis's giant fro

Offensively, we did a lot of hitting.

- Jim Tracy
No explanation necessary

I don't see him as a backup guy. I see him as at least a platoon guy.

- Paul DePodesta
Giving Brent Mayne a huge vote of confidence

His value in our bullpen is too extreme.

- Jim Tracy
On on why Carrara should mop up for
shitty pitchers like Ishii instead of
starting in place of them

*How do you explain it? I'm not smart enough to explain it.

- Jim Tracy
On Ishii's problems and his own intelligence

In the fifth inning of Saturday night's game against the Padres, we were leading 2-1, and things were looking good for us. Then the cruel baseball Gods turned against us. Darren Dreifort, who was taking over Guillermo Mota's setup role, gave up a couple of runs in the eighth inning on a couple of cheap hits, and we'd go on to lose the game. But it's a strange thing. Even as we lost that game, I knew for sure even more that we'd done the right thing. My convictions were actually strengthened.

- Paul DePodesta
Refusing to accept blame, and instead letting God take the heat

When you talk of standing pat, you only get in this position so many times.

- Paul DePodesta
Referring to the doggie position


The team knows we're trying to make them better and push them over the top. The worst thing we could have done was nothing with a first-place team.

- Paul DePodesta
Apparantly aware that his team was in first place, after all

I think Nomo's shoulder is feeling better than it has all year, but he never talks about it. He's probably not even aware of it.

- Jim Colborn
Stopping just short of calling Nomo a retard

Here's a couple of guys that initially, eyebrows and eyes rolled because you have to get out one of your scouting notebooks to find these guys [Werth and Grabowski].

- Jim Tracy
On his incredible ability to roll his eyebrows

*Is this club a good club right now? We're playing terrific baseball. But are we totally equipped to handle the long haul - and by that I mean into the month of October?

- Jim Tracy
Playing reporter once again

His production can be a little bit misleading sometimes.

- Dave Roberts
On Shawn Green, who obviously paid him off

If a move is made, where it's a significant move, it would send a strong message to the other two teams, and a very strong message to the people that are currently in your clubhouse. You have to wait and see how all of that stuff plays itself out, but there's definite significance to that if the names involved make people stand up and say, 'This is a serious commitment.'

- Jim Tracy
Somehow finding a way to complicate what
could be a 4-word statement

We took care of that one [the Bradley feud] immediately and put it in the past. But you play against a lot of guys you don't like. I didn't like Jose Lima when I played against him, and now he's on our team and I love him.

- Paul Lo Duca
Excited that Lima's wife attends most games

*Mota is third in the league with 51 inches.

- Vin Scully
Leading women to wonder who's first and second

If we get beat, it's because the opposition went out and beat us.

- Jim Tracy
On his deep understanding of the game

When he throws over the plate, he really has a chance to succeed.

- Jim Tracy
Trying to compliment and insult Kaz Ishii

I think we realize exactly what it is we have to do. I also think redundancy time after time gets to the point where you've heard it before and don't want to continue to hear it. You just want to go out there and do it.

- Jim Tracy
Giving President Bush a run for his money

Now I know when a left-hander is throwing, I'm not in the lineup. I play, he manages. He didn't tell me—I'm not saying he needs to. I'll be ready to play when he calls on me. But now I know.

- Dave Roberts
Doing his best not to call Tracy an idiot

He can really catch. He can really throw. And he really cares.

- Jim Tracy
On David Ross' heart making up for his .179 average

We've got the best bullpen out there, and rather than have them inherit trouble, let them create it themselves.

- Jim Tracy
On his plan to throw games

I would take nine Milton Bradleys if I could get them.

- Paul DePodesta
On wanting to assemble the angriest team in history

Now that I've done it, it made it harder.

- Edwin Jackson
On his first time using Viagra

For what reason? For being ejected for what you don't feel, due to the action that took place, is indicative of the fact of action that's solely the player? I saw things out of the ordinary out there.

- Jim Tracy
Proving that English must not be his first language

Are we going to single Milton Bradley out and say this is the only time in the history of the game where we see a situation where someone is provoked to where you see something thrown out of the dugout? We won't single Milton Bradley out.

- Jim Tracy
Singling Milton Bradley out

I'm in the garage. The good thing is, the car will start. I'm getting the fastball back, the splitter is fair.

- Paul Shuey
Making a plea to be institutionalized

Does it maybe slow him down a little bit running the bases? There's that possibility, but whatever he has that is indicative of 100 percent, that's what you're going to get from him.

- Jim Tracy
Rambling incoherently about Adrian Beltre

That's not Shawn Green.

- Jim Tracy
Mistaking the suddenly unkempt Green for Eric Karros

I don't think it's to the point yet where a day off would benefit him.

- Jim Tracy
On Shawn Green, who was then benched the next day

Tonight, we swung the bats well.

- Paul Lo Duca
After the Dodgers were shut out for the 2nd night in a row

Three games, OK. Seven games, whoa. It's not even funny.

- Jose Lima
Not amused by the team's losing streak,
but still very happy his wife has huge cans

Berkshire Hathaway did not get to where it is today by buying everything at top value. Not that we're a bunch of Warren Buffetts here. But sometimes, in any market, you have to take chances on things that are down, but that you think still have a chance to perform very well for you.

- Paul DePodesta
On the Dodgers' mediocre roster

Hamstrings are a very tricky thing. This one is very tricky due to the individual because if you push the envelope too quickly and you take his legs away from him, you've in essence lost a player.

- Jim Tracy
Attempting to say nothing by speaking completely in cliches

I think even Hideo himself is smart enough to realize you can't go out there two, three, four times in a row and pitch an inning and a third, three innings, four innings.

- Jim Tracy
Saying how "even" a dumbass like Nomo knows he sucks

We know what Wilson is capable of.

- Jim Tracy
On why they've locked the clubhouse refrigerator

It's kind of like the monkey's off my back.

- Jason Grabowski
On raising his average to .212

*Can they have an off night? Sure they can, and you might score some runs.

- Jim Tracy
Asking himself about the Cubs' rotation

I do want to bring up that what we talked about yesterday as far as Todd is concerned. It's the left hip -- I said right -- it's his left hip that will require surgery.

- Jim Tracy
Clearly indicating how much he couldn't
give a shit about Todd Hundley

We can't afford to let David Roberts lose his legs. If he loses his legs, we in essence lose the player.

- Jim Tracy
On the possibility of having a double
amputee as his lead-off hitter

I don't think Jose has been ineffective. Our fifth starter is very interchangeable. We're not doing this because we feel that Jose Lima has been ineffective.

- Jim Tracy
Lying about the demotion of Lima to the pen

He's a guy that would have pitched for the Seattle Mariners last year had they not gone through the season with the same five starters that they began the season with.

- Jim Tracy
Explaining that Brian Falkenborg would have
been in Seattle's starting rotation if he'd been
better than the five guys they already had

It's really disappointing. It's almost like they're taking 12 years out of my life.

- Tim Wallach
On the Expos' imminent departure from Montreal
and the possibility of being 35 again

The Mets have really been struggling to find a number two hitter. What they've had up to this point is a number 2, with no hitter.

- Vin Scully
Proving he's still got it

There's an elephant in theclubhouse, and the Dodgers might not be able to ignore it much longer.

- Jason Reid, LA Times
Publicly taking the Wilson Alvarez insults to a new level

It's just frustrating, to say the least. I get hurt the fifth day I'm here and there's nothing I can do. I can't swing a bat. Throwing and running, I don't know if I'm 100 percent. I feel restricted. It's just frustrating. They brought me over here to help the club. The team trades for you, they want you, you get hurt the fifth day and you're hurt for who knows how long.

- Jayson Werth
Proving that his strained oblique muscle
hasn't affected his ability to ramble

I wasn't here in the past, but now they play music here and they're hugging each other. It's like 25 [guys] in the same space.

- Jose Lima
Breaking his silence about team orgies

Bradley homered hard to center field.

- (play-by-play)
Calling attention to Bradley's state of arousal

He's a very capable offensive player.

- Jim Tracy
Blatantly lying about Alex Cora

Last year San Francisco ran away with the division, but this year there's parity.

- Dave Roberts
Trying to fool fans with a fancy vocabulary

Whatever they want me to do. If they want me to clean the dugout, I don't care. I'll carry the (ball) bag to the mound for Gagne. Long relief, short relief, bat boy. Whatever.

- Jose Lima
Volunteering to take Olmedo Saenz'
role as dugout janitor

The fans are great, but I really don't think they wanted to see me here this year.

- Joe Thurston
On his popularity with Las Vegas fans

All I can do is go out there and keep playing. It's a failure-oriented game.

- Joe Thurston
On his continuing success at failure

Jackson has that dog mentality.

- Koyie Hill
Explaining Edwin Jackson's habit of peeing
on the mound before he makes a start

*Can Wilson Alvarez be one of those guys to pitch us to Eric Gagne? Absolutely.

- Jim Tracy
Asking his own questions since reporters could care less

What we have, that we didn't have last year, is a number of guys who we feel comfortable using in any particular situation.... I think it's pretty similar (to last season).

- Jim Tracy
Completely contradicting himself

It's safe to say he won some games for us last year with what he did with that glove. Along with that guy who works next to him.

- Jim Tracy
Talking about Alex Cora and
forgetting Cezar Izturis' name

Our catcher had quite a night.

- Jim Tracy
Apparently forgetting LoDuca's name

I'm not happy about it, but I'm not going to show it. I'm just going to go out and do my job…. But why me? I've always been a team guy. I always do what the team wants, but this is my sixth year.My first three, four, five years, whatever. But this is my sixth year, and it's still me. Any time something has to change, it has to be me. I don't know what it is. I'd just like to know.

- Adrian Beltre
On not showing his unhappiness

I'm excited, and I want to be his friend.

- Paul LoDuca
On wanting to invite Milton Bradley to sleep over

He's done more community service in Cleveland than any other player by a long shot, he's got a little of a bad rap.

- Paul DePodesta
Perhaps not realizing that Milton Bradley's community
service was done to avoid jail time

If we have some things turn out the way we hope, we have a chance to be decent. There's also a chance of not being very good at all.

- Jim Tracy
On how the Dodgers will either suck
or just kinda suck this season

Why should this year be any different? Because it's the last year of the contract? So what? If I had two years, would there be any more job security? What difference does it make?

- Jim Tracy
Going question crazy

*Is it 12 (pitchers) or 11? Four starters or five? An extra bullpen guy or an extra player? That's what it boils down to.

- Jim Tracy
Asking himself the tough questions

I thought it was an April Fool's joke.

- Cody Ross
On being traded from the shitty tigers to L.A.

You always try to create the best scenario, but if that's not completely available, we won't use it as an excuse. The uneasy part is that decision-making on the other side is fairly simple.

- Jim Tracy
Talking about... um... who the hell knows

He's a young stud.

- Paul DePodesta
Revealing his attraction to Edwin Jackson

He was a starter for how many years?

- Jim Tracy
Proving how much attention he pays to Darren Driefort

Could he pitch here right now and be successful? No doubt in my mind. Would it be beneficial for him to pitch some innings at triple-A? It might be.

- Paul DePodesta
Doing his Jim Tracy impersonation in
regard to Edwin Jackson

When Adrian Beltre realizes how good he is, it could very well be the storyline for the Major League Baseball season, period.

- Jim Tracy
Suggesting that a bigger ego will help Beltre
(and adding punctuation)

I also think you have to look at the additions we have made, guys like Juan Encarnacion. I really think that one will make a difference.

- Paul DePodesta
Lying about his opinion of the Dodgers' offense

This sounds silly, but that was the best-pitched game we had this spring by him, and maybe overall.

- Jim Colborn
On the 7 runs and 10 hits given up by
Jeff Weaver over three innings

Today I think I did pretty well. Even though I got hit, it was better today. Way, way better than my first start. I think I'm where I want to be.

- Hideo Nomo
After giving up 7 runs in 5 innings

*Right now those five guys have to be the starting pitchers. Am I completely locked in there? I'm not quoted as saying that.

- Jim Tracy
Sounding like a complete jackass

*Is he in the mix? Yes, he's in the mix.

- Jim Tracy
On Jose Lima's chances of making the team

I'm obviously disappointed. I hope it has nothing to do with what I've done in spring training because this isn't a good time to evaluate guys.

- Bubba Trammell
On learning that he won't be starting in left
(And exactly when does Bubba think is
a good time to evaluate guys?)

It's like nobody ever struggles.

- Rick White
On the Dodger pitching staff,
proving he's not familiar with the work of Ishii

This is bad because you guys remember everything and you write everything down.

- Jamie McCourt
On the ability of journalists to use a pencil

We're going to try to change the culture of the Dodgers, because this should be a team that's in the playoffs every year. To not be in the playoffs is crazy. They should be drawing 4 million fans, not 3 million fans.

- Jamie McCourt
On her belief that 50,000 people per game
will show up to see Bubba Trammell

It's flattering to hear they think I can do more, but I don't know what that refers to. I don't know what that means.

- Derrick Hall
Flipping a verbal middle finger to McCourt

This has been an awesome camp. It's the way it should be. Nobody is saying a word.

- Paul Lo Duca
On the Dodgers' exciting camp

He's an interesting player, he can do some things.

- Jim Tracy
On Luis Garcia and his amazing
ability to do some things

*Can we afford the luxury of doing that? I don't know. We have to find that out.

- Jim Tracy
On the possibility of carrying 3 catchers

It's recovering on its own schedule. It's just a real slow process. I know it's there, but I can pitch with it as long as I don't do any pounding.

- Tom Martin
On being able to pitch without pounding

I know it's early in spring training but I'm sure the team will start to hit the ball again, it's the laws of physics.

- Jim Tracy
On the team's disappearing offense
and his expertise in the sciences

I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing.

- Darren Dreifort
On his plan to re-injure himself


The novelty of him has worn off.

- Jim Tracy
Finally admitting Ishii's crappiness


For me, I take anything.

- Wilson Alvarez
On his role with the club
(and his habits at the buffet table)


It was bittersweet last year to watch Florida win the World Series. We were as good or better, but we didn't make it.

- Eric Gagne
Confirming his use of hallucinogens


The wind was blowing out.

- Jolbert Cabrera
On his 2-HR day
(without any misconceptions about his ability)


*Is it likely that he has a chance to start the season with us? It's safe to say that probably won't happen. It's not going to happen.

- Jim Tracy
Asking himself about Todd Hundley (and answering twice)


He is similar to Romano and Ruan.

- Jim Tracy
Publicly insulting Shane Victorino


He has tools. He's a terrific outfielder, he runs very well, he throws very well. He showed today he has power and he's high energy. There's a lot of upside.

- Jim Tracy
After Jason Romano hit a home run in an
intersquad game, apparently a sign of things to come


Last year is in the past, and I haven't been here until now.

- Tim Wallach
On shitty offense and the complexity of time


I know that if I'm on the field, it's probably not going well, maybe somebody's hurt.

- Robin Ventura
On his expected lack of playing time


I look at it as a major transition, but it's something other guys have done successfully from the outfield. Darin Erstad. Jack Clark. Orlando Merced.

- Shawn Green
On switching to first base and setting his sights
on the high standard set by Orlando Merced


Drew [McCourt] will have to interview for a position. I'd love to see him working here. He's also thinking about getting an MBA. It's his decision.

- Frank McCourt
On his son joining the front office

I still feel, right now, offensively our club is better than last year.

- Shawn Green
On the Dodgers lack of offseason moves

I'm not suggesting that Paul Lo Duca is the left fielder. We have Bubba Trammell. Jolbert Cabrera.

- Jim Tracy
On the team's left field options

*Have I managed every game perfectly? Of course not, but no manager ever has.

- Jim Tracy
On defending himself


*Would I have any hesitation bringing the Big Filthy in to shut it down now? I wouldn't give it a second thought.

- Jim Tracy
On Guillermo Mota, and his apparent lack of cleanliness


**The perception is that of failure. I don't know if that's fair. In 2002 we were 92-70. Were we a failure? In reality you have to look at the players. Have they given everything they've got to give and have you gotten the most you can out of them? In the end, I think the answer to that question is, yes.

- Jim Tracy
On his inability to get the team into the postseason


I never realized that one pink shirt would cause so much discussion!

-Dan Evans
In his farewell message to Dodger fans


He did have a little setback.

- Jim Tracy
On Hundley's new career-threatening injury


I assured him [Dan Evans] that he is still the general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and that he is a legitimate candidate for the position. I wanted to be very direct and honest with him, so that he heard it from me first.

- Frank McCourt
On the search for a new GM

We didn't fail. We just didn't succeed as much as we'd have liked.

- Jim Tracy
Inspiring us to create this Quotes
page after the 2003 season



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