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After the 2003 season, Jim Tracy came up with this assessment of the Dodgers: "We didn't fail. We just didn't succeed as much as we'd have liked." And so began the collection of Dodger quotes. If you hear or read a good one, please submit it.


Gas is up and so am I.

- Manny Ramirez
Warning Dodger fans that he won't be back

I feel like a baby.

- Manny Ramirez
On his new haircut--down below

I'm Cal Ripken.

- Manny Ramirez
Feeling like a white guy

I didn't know what he was talking about. I thought he was talking about Manny Mota.

- Chan Ho Park
On Frank McCourt's impromptu announcement
about acquiring Manny Ramirez

My last win was with the Dodgers four years ago Mother's Day. Wins are like the Olympics for me, I guess.

- Brian Falkenborg
On his big day

We have to try to stay as consistent as we can... which I think we've done a pretty good job of lately.

- James Loney
On how the Dodgers have consistently not scored runs

Are they going to eat it [the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion] every night? No, because they don't come every night. If they come twice a month or two times a month I think it's great.

- Steve Shiffman (VP Ticket Sales)
In need of a lesson on redundancy or redundancy

Would it help him more if he could play at a level he could handle better? Probably.

- Joe Torre
Channeling Jim Tracy while admitting that
Chin-lung Hu can't handle the major leagues

It's not a setback, it's just a set aside.

- Joe Torre
On Jason Schmidt's latest non-setback

My friends will let me know if they see something on a blog or on DodgerBlues. They're big fans of that. I think those guys are hilarious.

- Joe Beimel
Acting like he doesn't spend his nights in the Fan Forum

When your team scores one run, it's common sense that you have to hold the other team to no runs.

- Hiroki Kuroda
Reinforcing the stereotype that Asians are
good at math, and that the Dodger bullpen sucks

But the Dodgers score to tie it up and after four and a half the cubs lead 2-1.

- Charley Steiner
Drinking in the booth with Rick

I lost my power, I suck, I should retire.

- Andruw Jones
Finally hitting a home run

[Takashi Saito's] eyes were at half mast.

- Joe Torre
Describing his Japanese closer

You play for the team, you don't play for the fans.

- Andruw Jones
Really earning some points

A Dodger uniform just doesn't look good with a cummerbund.

- George Lopez
On Andruw Jones' weight

I feel fine, I want to pitch. I want to be out there and throwing.

- Esteban Loaiza
Right before being put on the DL

And Loney hits a high fly ball to deep right field, Hawpe goes to the ball and it is... caught... ... No, it's gone!

- Charley Steiner
Watching the game... No, picking his nose!

It's in a safe place. It's a memento, but I can't wear it because I'm too fat, my fingers got too fat.

- Mike Scioscia
On his 1988 World Series ring

With the long flight [after Tuesday night's game], we'll give him a blow and get back and hope he's OK tomorrow.

- Joe Torre
Clearly running out of ways to get Jones out of his slump

You can't hit without your hands.

- Nomar Garciaparra
Making a push to become the team's next batting coach

I'm an Internet god.

- Joe Beimel
After fans voted for a Beimel bobblehead

The chance to be a general manager in major-league baseball and for a franchise as storied as this one, probably as storied as the Giants, is great.

- Ned Colletti
Leaving me completely fucking speechless

We'll see when the season is over in September or August.

- Andruw Jones
Knowing the Dodgers will be eliminated earlier than ever

He [Nomar Garciaparra] could go 0-for-10 in rehab and it wouldn't mean anything.

- Joe Torre
Knowing that Nomar will go 0-for-20
when he returns to the Dodgers

I think it's weighing heavily on him.

- Ned Colletti
Not saying whether he's talking about Andruw Jones'
batting slump or his extra pounds

I'm not really concerned yet. When July comes and if I'm still struggling, that's when I'll be really worried.

- Andruw Jones
Apparently content with hitting .120 for the next two months

I just have to prove to myself, I don't have to prove to fans.

- Andruw Jones
On his goal of eating twelve hot dogs in an hour

We banged him and brought him in relief.

- Joe Torre
On his secret fantasy about Chad Billingsley

[Chin-lung Hu] did more push ups in a minute than I have done in my entire life.

- Charley Steiner
Shocking the radio audience

To me right now, I want the ability to mess around with the two-hole.

- Joe Torre
On what he does in the privacy of his office

The people in New York have no idea what they're doing.

- Larry Bowa
Using the word 'people' but desperately wanting to
say 'the cocksuckers who run Major League Baseball'

You’ve got guys who tested positive for steroids and admitted they took them—no suspensions. They’re still playing.

- Larry Bowa
On his 3-day suspension for being out of the coaching box

We are higher that the Grand Canyon.

- Charley Steiner
Finally explaining his and RIck Monday's job performance

Not that managing in the American League is easy, but this is certainly different. I'll have to have somebody poke me in the rear end when I have a pitcher that's going to hit.

- Joe Torre
Revealing why Don Mattingly resigned

Until the day I die, I will be pulling for Ned Colletti.

- Grady Little
Clearly close to death

Instead of babying it, we're going to push it.

- Jason Schmidt
On the dildo he's sticking up Colletti's ass

It's time to win.

- Frank McCourt
Getting fans pumped up

I'm coming into this season with a chip on my shoulder...just like every season.

- Juan Pierre
On the REAL reason he can't throw

I think we'll be playing a lot of low-scoring games this year. We're going to have to rely on one or two runs being enough.

- Joe Torre
Already conceding defeat

It was a lot looser last year. I don't want to say it's strict now because it's not.

- Rudy Seanez
Beginning to go senile

I just left my family that I've been with for four months and I probably won't see them for three weeks, so today's not such a great day.

- Jeff Kent
Already in mid-season form

He said something about my hair but didn't tell me what to do.

- Joe Beimel
On Joe Torre's "no girly boys" rule

He's not a guy who says hello.

- Matt Kemp
On why Jeff Kent is so loved

I thought Schmidt was really easy on the eyes.

- Joe Torre
On the sexiness of a 55-mph fastball

I know there are more bodies than positions. I had a conversation with Juan. He was curious.

- Joe Torre
Potentially finding a new role for Pierre

Elisabeth Shue has a locker right next to me. I'm really excited.

- Mike Lieberthal
Hoping his wife doesn't read

I told him one position he'll probably play more of is third base, but I also said with his ability to play other positions, he can be really valuable in a lot of ways. He understood what I was saying.

- Joe Torre
Basically saying that Nomar will be sitting on his ass

It's all about makeup.

- Joe Torre
On how he looks so pretty

I'm pretty sure that China is way bigger than the Dominican.

- Matt Kemp
Who then went on to describe how an
egg is smoother than a hairbrush

It was a complicated surgery and the rehab is just as complicated. We're happy where he's at.

- Stan Conte
On how Jason Schmidt's surgery and rehab were/are
both complicated, that he might not be able to make
Opening Day, and he doesn't even know when he might
be able to pitch... and how its a good thing

It's not general manager Ned Colletti's style to sign contract extensions that limit flexibility and put the club at unnecessary risk in the event of an injury.

- Ken Gurnick
Proving you don't need to actually know anything
about a team to be a beat reporter for

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